What Is The Way To Lose-Weight-Fast-and-Healthy?

Anyone who is dieting often wonders how to lose-weight-fast-and-healthy. The problem with the question of how to lose-weight-fast-and-healthy is that it is not a safe question. There are plenty of ways to lose weight fast, but most of them are harmful, or will result in the weight coming back on. Sometimes the weight comes back on and then some. If you really want to get the weight off and keep it off, you have to forget about fast. You might find a way to get a few pounds off before a big event, but you should be aware you will probably gain them back rather quickly.


Though there are some that say starving your body is the fastest way to lose weight, there is no truth to it. You can lose some pounds quickly, but your body is going to rebel. It will think you are starving, and it will suddenly become very stingy with your calories. It will refuse to burn fat, as it is saving it for when you need it the most. Though you know you aren’t starving, and that food is always around, our bodies do not know that. Our bodies are still programmed for the days when food shortages were very common. You think you want to get rid of the extra pounds, but your body thinks the end is near. If you do this, you are probably going to fail.


One other idea many use when thinking of the fastest way to lose weight is to use something in place of food. If you have ever heard of the Hollywood Miracle Diet, you know what I am talking about. This type of diet replaces food with some sort of liquid. When you do this you are essentially replacing bad calories with ones that might be better for you, but it won’t work for very long. Things will end up much like the starvation diet. Your body is going to rebel after an initial period of loss, and you may end up heavier than what you were when you started.


Instead of trying to think of the fastest way to lose weight, try to think of the most effective. Any weight loss plan that is going to work is not going to be a quick fix type plan. You want something that allows you to lose one or two pounds a week at the most, and one that you can live with for a long time to come. The problem so many have is that they try to find the fastest way to lose weight, but they don’t think beyond what happens after the weight comes off. They go right back to their old eating habits once they reach their goal weight, and the problem starts all over again. Instead, think of it in terms of changing the way you live your life, and make a change that you want to use on a daily basis long after you have reached a healthy weight.

Lose-weight-fast-and-healthy; please rethink what you're trying to do, and for what seasons? Whom are you trying to get these results for, and why? If the results are for yourself, please think of building a healthy foundation of nutrition, were your results will last the test of time. This will be a way of life for you from now on, and it is worth the effort that you put into it. I promise you!

"To Your Healthy"

Scott Kahn


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