With the video juicing page you will understand the thought that is needed to becoming a juicer

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Juicing fruits and Vegetable, are the healthiest when made fresh.

This can be a great way of life, and for all of the health benefits, I think it should be.

The health benefits that you will see are not all directly connected to juice itself...

All of the peripheral benefits of being a "Juicer" (a person who drinks fresh squeezed juice) should be noted, and not overlooked.

What I'm trying to convey to you is thought provoking... So please think before you drink!

Here is a short list of some of the peripheral benefits.

Thinking about juicing is the #1 key to sticking with it.

1) The thought that you put into the act of juicing, you get back 10 fold in the way of being super aware of your healthy actions.

2) The effort and the time that you spend opens your eyes to an array of correct healthy choices, (It's almost magical when this happens).

3) When you start to juice daily, you will get to a point that you can't do without juicing every day, this is the sweet spot, this is the point of no return!

4) The point of no return is the point where you are so conscious of your eating, and juicing habits, that there is very little chance that you will ever go back to your old ways.

Above all, trust yourself! This will happen, if you give it the time, and space for it to flow smoothly, I promise you! Time, space, and thought, will overcome any juicing obstacle.

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Thank you for looking around the site. I hope you are finding everything you are looking for.

Please keep looking around.

"To Your Health"

Scott Kahn


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