Juicing-tips-and-techniques #1 the juice machine stays on the counter at all times.

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The 10 rules of Juicing-tips-and-techniques are very thought provoking. It's this thought that will make you act.

"Nothing happens until something moves" -Albert Einstein-

These juicing techniques are rules that consistently work! Adhere to them, and your juicing-habit will start to roll like clockwork every morning.

Juicing-tips-techniques, and your thoughts, are very effective juicing lessons that will formulate in your mind as time goes by.


The 10 rules of a healthy juicing habit

1) The juice machine stays on the counter and in sight at all times.

2) Maintain a designated area that you call home to all of your tools for juicing. For example: juice machine, cutting boards, peeler/knives, favorite cups, and bowls, etc.

3) Always have food on hand and in your way. Out of sight, is unfortunately, out of mind.

4) Use juicing as a HUB. It should be the foundation to all that is healthy in your life.

5) Talk to a friend, family member, acquaintance, or a co-worker, etc. on a daily or weekly basis about your juicing/health plans. This person should be someone who will listen to you, and with whom you feel comfortable sharing thoughts with.

6) Locate two or three different places where you like to shop and that also has the nutrients you are looking for; just start with the basics, but do start.


7) Make room in the fridge for all the new healthy foods. This can be a whole shelf, a corner, an area just for your juicing stuff. Make this all healthy, no crap in this area. Remember, don't hide it, keep it in sight.

8) Leave a piece of fruit out on the counter every once in a while and watch it die. This will make a very strong impression to you about live fresh food.

9) Observe the two-thirds rule: You should be especially conscientious about your health at least 2/3 of the time.

10) Think and feel your way through the days and weeks. The healthy choices that you will make will get easier and easier. This will start to pique your curiosity about what is really healthy and what is not.

Curiosity is key, especially in the beginning, so please be curious!

It's a good idea to print-out the juicing-tips-and-techniques so you'll have them at your fingertips.

"To Your Health"

Scott Kahn


technique of cutting apples

Cutting the apples this way can save a lot of space on a cutting-board. As room becomes available just fan the apple pieces apart.

Cutting apples

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