Juicing for Good Health and a Routine Habit for Life!

This is where I get to talk to you about turning your juicing habits into a routine that will last you a lifetime!

Putting something in your way, is a great method in remembering what it is that you are trying to accomplish, (fresh juice) and or take with you before you leave the house.

Put your keys on top of anything you are looking to take with you the next day. Putting your keys on your vitamins, and that banana you're looking to eat in the morning is a great way to remember both!

Sounds simple doesn't it?... Well it is. So start with just one or two blocks of time ( a block of time is 15 minutes ) the night before, to stage the placement of things that will be in your way for you to remember the next day.

An apple a day! Yes, but also, "an apple in your way" is more like it. Leave an apple or two on the counter next to your juicing machine (#1) with your toothbrush right on top of the apples.

Juicing is a great way to get started with a healthy habit. If you bring this kind of mentality into your world, you will be a lot healthier, and more productive in your efforts...

Knowing the benefits of juicing. A juicing habit can take no time at all to develop if you just start to think about what you're trying to do. Just start to think a little more about all the healthy aspects of what juicing can do for you. For example: 7-1/2 benefits-of-juicing, and the healthy side effects of being a juicer! (one who juices daily)

In conclusion: In your way, way, is a method that you'll find that works. So try it on for size, and experiment with these mental methods. If you stay consistent with this method, and make a game of it, you will win every time! I guarantee it! Here's to your juicing habits!

In your face juicing habits. Please don't forget to watch the two videos that are above, and below. By -Jason Vale-

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