Juicing-changed-my-life back in 1994 to your health -Juice Boy-

How juicing-changed-my-life and can change yours with the right mind set! Who are the people that juice on a regular basis?

Who are Mr. and Mrs. Juicer?

How juicing-changed-my-life -Juice Boy-

They are the type of people who are very conscious of their bodies, and have had a health scare, and or knows someone close to them that has had a health problem.


They are well educated people that are very proactive in their world and very influential in the lives of the people that they care about the most.

Juicers are people who know what it's like not to feel 100% on a daily basis. And they recognize the need to try different things that might make them feel physically (and this leads to mentally) better.

Juicers are people who can feel their bodies inside and out, in such a profound way, that they know something is just not right. These are people who need to find out what is going on with their bodies, before they go any farther down the road.

How juicing-changed-my-life -Juice Boy-

They will look to make a change for the better!

These are individuals who look at themselves in the mirror after taking a shower, and can make a decision to take just one or two clear cute choices to be healthier that day. And knowing that this action will help them make tomorrows decision that much easier!

People who take the time to talk to other people about their health, and think about their health on a daily bases. They are very good listeners, and this is why they take concrete actions to make certain things happen for them on a day-by- day basis!

Very important to note that they are people just like you and I, and sometimes our kids, too!

People that are keenly aware at this point in their lives, that if you fight Mother nature, ( not let her do what she is instinctively trained to do) that Father Nature will knock you down!

If it's not broke, don't fix it! RIGHT? BUT! If it's not working the way you know it should, take a good look at the problem. Try to figure out what is not right, and/or what is wrong! If it's broken; FIX IT! -----> This isn't rocket science! And I bet when it's FIXED! There is a rocket scientist that might be able to use your help!

Turning into the type of person that is a juicer: How juicing-changed-my-life -Juice Boy-

• Being self aware of your overall health. • Knowing that you are perfectly healthy, until you feel otherwise. • Knowing that Mother (Mother nature that is) knows best. • Knowing that you don't want "Father Nature" to knock you down. • Knowing how other people are, and that you don't want to be there. • Knowing that you don't want to be too late to make a change. • Knowing that the knowledge is out there, and you don't want to pass on it. • Knowing the gut wrenching feeling of being too late for something! • Knowing that you know this, and that you can't put it on the back burner. • Knowing that your positive actions will affect you in a positive way. • How juicing-changed-my-life -Juice Boy-

Last but not least

You now know that juicing is not the fix all pill/cure, but that it is your "HUB" to all things that are healthy in your life! The "Foundation" to where you start to make it all work in such a profoundly positive way. And that when the proverbial "Healthy" snowball starts to roll down that health hill, ( The one that we all what to be on ) that this is when things become second nature, and that you just do!

Without thinking about things individually, you start to think about your health as a whole, good feeling package! Something that only Mother nature can give you, and she can take away from you, too!

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How juicing-changed-my-life -Juice Boy-

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