Juicing 101 How to Get Back to the Fresh Stuff

Print this page, and the 10 Rules page , tape them up in the kitchen and look at them every day!...(-;

Juicing is the first thing that should be on your mind when you wake up. And thinking about all the healthy fruits and vegetables you plan on running through your juice machine is key!

For example: My favorite and what could be one foundation of fresh juice is, carrots and apples 50/50. This is just one example of what should be on hand at all times; the foundation to your favorite fresh, juice drink…

1) Take the juice machine out from under the counter.

2) Find all of your favorite utensils you have used when you were juicing.

3) Go buy just the basics right now, your favorite fruits and vegetables.

4) Wake up about 20 minutes earlier tomorrow, and start juicing!

5) Sit down and relax for a minute, and then drink your fresh juice.

6) Immediately after juicing, clean the juice machine and all utensils.

7) Start your day, and feel good about what you just juiced!

8) Reassemble juice machine and place all utensils on cutting boards.

9) If juicing twice a day, repeat most of these steps. Congratulations!

10) Try not to stop again, slow and steady "the tortoise wins in the end"…

Getting back to it! It’s the habit of juicing every day that will give you the benefits you are looking for. ---->Every Day Is The Key!...(-;

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