Buying the right juice-machines before you buy!

Juicing with the right tools is key!

Buying Juice-Machines:

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All juice-machines work! Just like all those home work-out machines you have bought or seen on TV! "THEY ALL WORK IF YOU USE THEM!"

I have juiced commercially for years using very expensive juice machines, and have juiced at home for many more years every morning with several different home juice machines! Again, they all work, but some do work better than others!

Different kinds of juice machines, and why they are the best at what they do!…(-;

(1. The most popular ones are centrifugal force, like the Juiceman II about $100.00 the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. about $100.00 And the one I'm using at home right now is the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. about $300.00

(2.These are all circular centrifugal feed; the food is chopped-up and with centrifugal force squeezed through a mesh. Unless you are juicing mostly leafy greens, a circular centrifugal feed juice machine should be part of your arsenal.

(3.If you are juicing mostly leafy greens, than a masticating juice machine is the way to go.

(4.The centrifugal feed juice machine is by far the fastest, and some say the easiest to clean! Speed and the ease of cleaning is definitely a huge factor. For the money, the Juice Man, and the Jack Lalanne machines are fantastic! Be a little leery with a machine that is way under $100.00 Again, they all do work, but the real cheap ones (if juicing every day) (and this is the goal) will most likely not stand up to your expectations. I started with a $2,300.00 centrifugal feed juice machine in the Juice Bar, but my first one at home was the Juice Man ll. Fantastic, it works, and worked for two years.

(5.This should be fun, and not, too overwhelming for you. Money is always an issue, and it's not just the juice machine you are looking to obtain. I'm sure you have some of the other juicing tools already, but you will still be spending money on…

Tools For Juicing:

• Juice-Machines • Cutting boards • Knives/pellers • Storage containers • Plastic bages • Standing baskets and hooks for storage • Cups, bowls, etc.

This has to turn into some kind of fun, or you will not stick to it!

Colored cutting boards and knives are great! And having fresh fruit and vegetables on hand and in sight, is a great way to know what you need to be doing… Juicing that is!


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