A juice-bar business should only be started in a high traffic location.

the juice-bar-busines

Running a juice-bar business can be a lot of fun, and a healthy living, too.

Juice-Bar Juicing; commercial juicing for the masses! To have a successful juice bar business, traffic is one of the main areas of concern. Because without a steady stream of traffic, you will be watching your drinks go down the drain!

With that being said, a juice bar business can be very rewarding in a lot of different ways. One of the biggest ways if you listened to the main concern I just mentioned; is that you have a great chance of running a money making business!

If making money is your number one motivation, than traffic is definitely your main obstacle! Depending on where you are, will depend on what % of said traffic will buy from you. I had my juice bars inside of very busy work-out centers, so all the people there were health oriented from the start. And the people had to walk right past the juice bar on top of that!

In my opinion, if you have 1000 to 1500 people a day walking by your juice bar; you have the start of a business worth running.

Compared to a strip mall where the parking lot may be very busy, but how many people will come in and buy a juice from you. Ok, traffic, traffic, and more traffic they say… Oh sorry, location, location, location, almost one in the same. There are some rules as far as % how many people out of 100 will buy something from you. 5 to 10% is what we were doing at our juice bars.

****Hulk Hogan and Scott Kahn**** (AKA) -Juice Boy- The very first Juice Bar "THE HEALTH STOP" Est. 1994


Depending on how broad your potential customers are? This can be good and bad… If you are a smoothie/juice bar/health food store, inside a very busy health conscious establishment; this is a good thing. The kind of people you are dealing with are looking to stay healthy at almost all coasts!

Doing business with as little over-head as possible!

Sharing the coast of a space: Like inside a busy gym. Almost any food establishment that has good exposure to the outside as well as inside.

******Juice-bar bananas****** We would go through 50 pounds of bananas a day! *

Other Things to think about while you are thinking about the business as a whole!

*The money it will take to open, and run the business for at least a year.

*Location, Location, Location!… traffic, traffic, and more traffic they say.

*Knowing where to buy and how to store and display all the good you plan on selling.

*Are you moving into an old location, and if so, why did it go out of business?

*Do you need to build this location from scratch for the juice-bar, or just do some renovations to the location?

*How much rent, how long is the lease for, and how many options to the lease will you have?

Etc, etc...


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****Hulk Hogan and Scott Kahn**** (AKA) -Juice Boy- The very first Juice Bar "THE HEALTH STOP" Est. 1994


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