A Healthy-Mission statement... For here, or to go?

To help people with their Healthy-Mission, juicing-habits, and their overall health and wellbeing.

This website is on a mission to share with you, our customers, when new technology and methods are found that can help you understand juice preparation better. Being able to be here 24/7 for all who seek our information, talents, suggestions and goods. To be more than just here on the web, when people come looking for us. Through our Juicing Reminder Program, we can be where you need us to be, at the times you need us. *

* To help and be helped, through our customers pictures, articles, and C2 download program. With the C2 grogram you can be part of the overall picture of people doing the right thing, within our online community, being healthy, and sharing their thoughts, pictures, methods, and recipes. To link you through to the place you need to be, in the easiest way possible. To remind you to juice every day and send you notes and suggestions through E-mail so you have what to look at in a timely and productive manner. Even if we need to send you to another site that has what you are looking for. To listen to "YOU" our customer!

With "The Juice Bar Store" retail and wholesale! I will be showing you all the great juicing and mixing products and tools available in the most friendly and intuitive way possible...

This is my Healthy-Mission Statement to you!...(-;

To help you understand the over-all importance of fresh produce, and how you as an individual should deal with this the best way for you and your families needs.

Thank you very much for your time; and we hope your time spent here is a fun and healthy one.

Healthy-Mission Statement stated!...(-;

“To your health”

-Scott Kahn-

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