Healthy-Habits for juicing in the kitchen!

Healthy-Habits within the kitchen, for juicing, (keeping the kitchen clean that is).

In my opinion, the physical space you need for juicing should not be over looked. I know a kitchen can get messy, and dishes can get out of hand at times. But, you need space to move around while you deal with all the different elements for getting your juicing job done.

Make sure the kitchen is clean the night before; that is if you plan on juicing in the morning. This will also be a great way not to get too overwhelmed while juicing. Having a clean kitchen will make it so much easier on yourself having continuity for your juicing habit.

Side Bar: Don't slam your fruits and vegetable through the juice machine. This isn't a speed competition; and you will yield more juice by running it through smoothly.

Do you have a place for the juice machine, so it can stay on the counter at all times?

Things you will need space for on the counter: The juice machine, One to two cutting boards, Knives, pellers, One spoon, Cups and bowls.

Space for fruits and vegetables: Carrots, Apples, Celery, Oranges, Spinach, Kiwi's, Ginger, Other Leafy Greens, etc.

Things you will need in and around the sink: A clean and empty sink-void of any dishes, bowls, a sponge, a roll of paper towels, dish soap, and some sanitizing cleaning solution, (Bleach diluted solution).


Some quick things to remember:

(1 Use a plastic bags for the waste.

(2 Try to drink your juice right after you make it.

(3 Be very careful with the juice; it can make a mess, and it stains.

(4 Chew your juice; swish it around in your mouth before swallowing.

(5 Clean up juice machine right after you are done.

Ok, these are some good healthy-habits to think about while juicing.

Good luck, and sign up for the Juicing Reminder...

To your Health!

Scott Kahn AKA -Juice Boy-

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