Very easy healthy-fitness-tips for the person on the go.

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Healthy-fitness-tips explains exactly how to execute some of the most common exercises of today, and this is without going to the gym.

Using your own body weight, for weight resistance, is one of the keys to the healthy-fitness-tips that I'm going to share with you. Let me show you some of the ones that I love the most...

Push-ups, Sit-ups, Leg-Raises, etc.

CLICK HERE to see these three and more in detail Push-ups, Sit-ups, Leg-Raises, etc.

Getting a fast and effective work-out will be easy. This will become very intuitive to you once you get an understanding of this great way of working-out, (body weight work-out).

6 pack abs!

Article put together by: -Yanik Silver- and -Micheal J Holland-

• The Old Fashioned Way.

• Newer Techniques.

• Which Is Best?

To get the 6 pack abs that you want, what is the best route to take? This has sparked much debate, especially with the recent onslaught of machines and programs you can use. Is it best to stick with the old ways of crunches, sit ups and other abdominal methods? Or should you try machines that make it supposedly easier and more effective? Which will produce the best 6 pack abs for you? The answer greatly depends on your lifestyle and the level of commitment you put toward this. We will explain below.


6 pack abs: The Old Fashioned Way

Many swear by the idea of steady crunches and exercises, thinking it to be the proven way and therefore the best one. They would not consider equipment or machines, simply because they live by the motto "If it's not broke, why fix it?". Are they wrong to believe so? No, the old methods of hard exercise (mixed with diet, of course) are proven. There are countless amounts of techniques and routines you can develop and that will work, giving you a slow but healthy result. That is the real basis for using these older methods: they are safe. Some machines and newer methods have created some controversy with their design; they can be problematic. With this approach, you basically set your own pace and quickly learn what your body can and can't do. It does work.

6 pack abs: Newer Techniques

That does not mean that you should discount using machines or other approaches, though. While, yes, some can be dangerous (take something like the ab lounger, for instance, with its hyper extension. This can cause back problems or tearing if used incorrectly, as some have found), most are proven safe and can make exercising easier. This is their real appeal. Few believe they have the ability to do a real crunch. They think that getting on the floor and drawing themselves up over and over again is impossible. And it may just be. If you are severely overweight, you may not have the ability to do these things unaided. Machines and other services can help you and make exercise more approachable.


6 pack abs: Which Is Best?

The only answer to that is based on your own lifestyle. If you are already in reasonable shape and are just looking to create the ideal 6 pack abs, then older methods will work. You should be able to exercise quickly and efficiently on your own. For those who are not in shape, however, and who may be unable to do this alone, using machines as a way to help should be considered.

Things like dieting and basic exercises, ones that have nothing to do with gaining abs rather than health, are needed for both methods. Still, depending on your current lifestyle, you need to think about which you will actually be able to do and which will just cause you problems. Exercising is difficult enough without you choosing the wrong method and making it more so.

Article put together by: -Yanik Silver- and -Micheal J Holland-

Please check with your doctor to be sure that you are physically able to do the exercises that are being described to you.

I hope healthy-fitness-tips has answered some of your questions about how to keep your body in good shape, and for the longevity of good health.


"To Your Health"

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That's me years ago just starting out to be naturally healthy.

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