Does Green-Tea-Weight-Loss Work?

There have been a lot of claims about green-tea-weight-loss in the last decade, and there are many who wonder if it really works, or if it is all just hype. The great thing about green tea is that it is a natural product, but is also one that has been proven to be safe. It has been around for a very long time, and is used for many other purposes, not just weight loss. Even better, green tea is pleasant, and if you like black tea you will probably like the green variety.

There are many different products out there now for green tea weight loss. You can get the tea, of course, and you can also get supplements with green tea. How much tea is needed to help aid in weight loss is debatable, as no one agrees on the answer. Some say that the green tea weight loss supplements on the shelves do not contain enough of it. Others say that you have to drink the tea to get the benefits, and that you can’t put it in a pill. You can also find green tea in products that might be more appealing to the younger crowd. Some have made it as cold tea and packaged it to sell in convenience store coolers right next to the diet soda and bottles of water.


There are many things that people say green tea can do. One of the biggest is that it aids in weight loss by helping clean out the body from toxins. I don’t really know a lot about that, but I would think that would be a good thing. Some claim it can help level out glucose levels, which would mean it can help with hunger by controlling sugar highs and lows, and others say that it aids in burning fat by raising the metabolism. That is a lot to put on one product, but these claims are not as highly debated as ones in relation to ephedrine or hoodia.

I have tried a few green tea weight loss ideas of my own. I took a supplement, and while I do think it did help with my appetite a little, it was not dramatic enough for me to continue taking a product I was not sure was safe. I wasn’t questioning the green tea in the product, but rather a few of the other ingredients. I have also tried to drink green tea each night, and I do have to admit that this was one time when I did lose some weight. Why I have not continued is a mystery to even me. In any event, I can’t say I ever felt any funny side effect while ingesting it, and it did seem to have some effect on my diet.


You should treat green tea weight loss products like any thing else. Don’t rely on it solely to make your weight loss dreams a reality. Use it as an aid to help you as you cut calories and start an exercise program. This tea has been around for a long time, and that means it is safer than the newer products that are populating the shelves in the diet section of your favorite store. If you find that green-tea-weight-loss works for you, you should make sure you keep it up.


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