Thought is the key, a good-eating-habit is the lock.

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Above all, trust yourself. I can almost guarantee you have most of the answers. You just have to put them in the right order in your mind.

So for right now, Check out the 2/3 rule and start thinking about what you already know is healthy, and take it one day at a time. A good-eating-habit will come out of the thought you put into it.

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Why am I even thinking about a good-eating-habit?

Why does it bother me when I don't eat healthy? And why do I feel like crap when I eat crap?

These are all great questions that deserve some in-depth thought.

Thinking about eating good is your key to getting there.

Let me tell you when you do get there, it is such a wonderful feeling. A good-eating-habit is knowing you are doing the best you can, for the biggest asset that you own, your body!


The first thing that you should be doing is thinking about the kind of day you had yesterday.

Now think about the kind of day you are most likely going to have today.

Now think about the kind of day you know you should have.


•People that don't want to change, will not change.

•Your physical and mental health do go hand-in-hand.

•A good-eating-habit should be for everyone on this planet.

•It really doesn't take that much more effort to be healthy.

•Your looking for that all allusive, good-eating-habit.

Here are a few pointers that will help in your thought process

1) Think about the things that you know are healthy, and make a list of them.

2) Make a list of all the things that you know are unhealthy.

3) Review these two lists every morning, and think for 5 minutes about your body.

4) The more thought you put into this, the healthier actions you will take.


About Natural Weight Loss Article put together by: -Yanik Silver- and -Micheal J Holland-

Many dieters don’t realize that natural weight loss can be dangerous. When you think of natural, you probably think that something containing natural products is safe. That has been proven wrong time and time again, but many people are not aware of that. So many companies know that the public is gun-shy about trying things that are labeled as weight loss drugs, so they claim they are made with natural products to conjure a feeling of safety. There is something safe about that notion, and that can lead to some very bad things.


I have seen countless commercials on television claiming a product is great for natural weight loss. They contain herbs, or other plants and substances found in nature, and thus they make the claim that they are all natural. They know that people equate nature with safe, so they think the products are safe to take. Those who took ephedrine in the past might tell you a different story. There were people who died from taking this natural weight loss product before it was yanked from the shelves.

There are many natural weight loss products that do work, but the long term effects of them are unknown. It can be very dangerous to equate natural with being safe. If you really want to try one of these natural weight loss products, you should look into what you are taking. Look up each of the ingredients online to see what you can find out, or ask your doctor. If something contained in the product is dangerous, or if someone has had problems with it, you might want to think twice about taking it. If you find nothing, you should still use caution if you try it, and if you find that something feels wrong, discontinue at once.

Another approach to natural weight loss is truly natural. Don’t take anything, but rather use the old fashioned methods that have worked for others. Cutting your calories, and eating more natural foods will help you tremendously. Look for foods in your store that are not processed. When foods are processed, there are usually additives and alterations that make them more dense in calories, and some of the chemicals in the foods are not natural. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and dairy products are more natural than a can of processed soup.


Your natural diet weight loss plan should also include a lot of nature. Get out of the house and walk. Enjoy nature, and get plenty of exercise in the process. Don’t forget about the most natural and important product on the planet. Drink a lot of water. Not only will water help you stay hydrated, and will help clean toxins out of your system, it is also a great appetite suppressant. There are times when we eat because we think we are hungry, but in reality, we just need to drink something. When you think of natural weight loss, think about what your body really needs, and discard what it can do without.

About Natural Weight Loss Article put together by: -Yanik Silver- and -Micheal J Holland-



I wish you all the best with your future good-eating-habit, and please let us help in any way possible.

"To Your Health"

Scott Kahn

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