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To your health people, to your health! Print this page, and the 10 Rules/juicing tips and techniques page tape them up in the kitchen and look at them every day!...(-;

(1.You are healthy until your body starts telling you otherwise!

(2.Please listen to your body, and think to yourself about how you physically feel.

(3.So take this as a reminder to do today what you know you should be doing all the time.

(4.Here is a list of things that might help you along in your day to day routine!

(5. Here is a very cool dieting rule that works rather well.

Juicing Recipes.

Smoothie Recipes.

Video's about Juicing!.

THESE ARE JUST REMINDERS: Mental pushes that work. So remind yourself often about being healthy and how to stay healthy, too.

Did you juice today? If not, her is a page to get you thinking again, and start to at least once a day; twice is even better. Grab that water bottle. Have a piece of fruit, and take your vitamins with some food. Go nuts, have a hand-full of mixed nuts, at least once a day. Drink water more often than you think you should, and usually do. Have a yogurt, maybe some oatmeal, eat a banana, an apple, pear, etc. Put something in your way for a reminder, like your car keys on that banana, apple, and yogurt, Etc.

Think about all the healthy things in your life, and the healthy stuff in your life will start to multiply! Remind yourself that this is worth your effort, and know it to be true. You can do this, so please; just keep thinking about "being healthy" and juicing

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