Juicing Every Morning Like This Actually Works!

By clicking around this juicing site, you will be inspired, sold on the benefits, methods, and the ease of juicing regularly.

I have been making the fresh stuff for 18+ years! This was one of my juice bars for 8 of those years.

Hello, I'm Scott Kahn... (AKA) -Juice Boy-

Do you own a juice machine?... You will understand exactly what it takes to use a juice machine almost effortlessly. Applying these simple methods, you will physically and mentally feel better than you have in a long time!

Furthermore, good juicing habits are worth developing for the obvious, and not so obvious reasons, ( healthy thought provoking actions). It will be these thoughts that make the healthy choices easier to stick with.

Juicing is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. The problem is most of us have not developed a juicing-habit

A quick introduction to health!

Pictures for you to view, because at times, staying healthy can be a very visual act... Actually!

And the #1 Rule is! The juice machine stays on the counter and in sight at all times.

9) Observe the two-thirds rule You should be especially conscientious about your health at least 2/3 of the time.

10) Think and feel your way through the days and weeks. The healthy choices that you make will get easier and easier. This will start to pique your curiosity about what is really healthy and what is not. All 10 Rules

It's Juicing Time!

Some Fresh Juice Recipes

The Health Stop's Smoothie Recipes


Curiosity is key, especially in the beginning, so please be curious! Be curious about the nutrients you decide to put into your body. Your body is naturally healthy, so please try to keep it this way.

Please continue to click around Healthy-juicing-habits.com There is a lot to see, and learn throughout this site. We will be adding more as time goes by. Please stop back frequently to see what has been added. I hope you have a fun juicing experience with us.

Getting back into juicing? Print this page out... Juicing 101

Read about who Mr. and Mrs. Juicer may be!

"To Your Health"

-Scott Kahn-

Juicing-tips-and-techniques 10-rules that will get your juice habit rolling.
Juicing-tips-and-techniques #1 the juice machine stays on the counter at all times.
Your juicing-recipes, and the fantastic array of combinations!
The art of juicing with the fantastic array of juicing-recipes!
Healthy-Smoothie-Recipes is a fun and juicy way of going
Here are the healthy-smoothie-recipes that sold at The Health Stop for years.
Eating-guidelines with the 2/3 rule that you can take to the health bank.
The secret eating-guidelines that are easy, simple, and work!
Benefits-of-Juicing for the longevity of Your Life: TO YOUR HEALTH
Top 8 Benefits-of-Juicing Look to See if it Rings a Bell. The Benefits of your Health
In Your Face Juicing Habits
Juicing for Good Health and a Routine Habit for Life<br>
Juicing can be the hub to everything that is healthy in life!
With the juicing page you will understand the thought that is needed to becoming a juicer
Juicing 101 Get Back to it Again
Juicing 101 Will Get You Back at it...(-;
Juicing Healthy-Habits within the Kitchen
Healthy-Habits for juicing in the kitchen. Healthy-Habits within the kitchen, for juicing (keeping the kitchen clean that is).
pictures-of-vegetables, and fruits to be juiced.
Pictures-of-vegetables, fruit, and what people juice daily are visually orgasmic!
The healthy-vitamin-supplements page is a great resource of info.
The healthy-vitamin-supplements page is the place for the info I think your looking for. These pages are organized in a very nice way for a clear understanding.
The vitamins in fruits page will show you and break it down for you.
Important Vitamins-In-Fruits
Looking at buying-vitamins-online
Knowing how buying-vitamins-online can work to your advantage.
Healthy-Fitness-Tips Will Become Second Nature to You After This.
Very easy healthy-fitness-tips for the person on the go.
The-Healthy-Life is a page on healthy-fitness-tips that you can do almost anywhe
The-Healthy-Life is geared towards you thinking about your body as a whole.
Healthy diet-healthy-information is what you're looking for.
Diet-healthy-information, and understanding what is really going on is key.
A Good-Eating-Habit? "Mentally Unlocked"
Thought is the key, a good-eating-habit is the lock. Why do I even care about this? About a good-eating-habit? Why am I even thinking about eating healthy?
Juicing-changed-my-life! Who are Mr. and Mrs. Juicer?
Juicing-changed-my-life back in 1994 to your health -Juice Boy- How juicing can change your life with the right mind set!
Healthy-Mission Statement
Healthy-Mission statement, gets you to the place you need to be. To help people with their Healthy-Mission, juicing-habits, and their overall health.
Contact me
Looking Forward to hearing from you.
The Juice-Bar Business
A juice-bar business should only be started in a high traffic location. Running a juice-bar business can be a lot of fun, and a healthy living, too.


"The Juice Bar Store"

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****Hulk Hogan and Scott Kahn**** (AKA) -Juice Boy- The very first Juice Bar "THE HEALTH STOP" Est. 1994


Read about juice-machines
Some Juicing Recipes
juicing recipes
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